Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Positions

Habitat is actively recruiting for the following volunteer positions for the Longmont Gift of Home Tour. Volunteers play a critical role in planning, coordinating, and executing a successful tour weekend! Help make this event a memorable experience!

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Planning Team

June-December 5, 2021 Commitment

Planning Committee.png

You are the holiday bow that ties everything together. Your part is critical to managing the flow of the event and guaranteeing the guests have a fabulous time!

What we are looking for

  • Do you love connecting folks to your passion
    for Habitat? 

  • Do you have event planning and/or
    decorating experience?

  • Do you enjoy the little details that make an
    event memorable?

What you would do?

  • Brainstorm ideas around making the guest experience fabulous

  • Plan the VIP party at ReStore

  • Promote the event among your contacts

  • Help sell tickets for the tour

  • Attend monthly (virtual and/or in person) planning meetings (summer/fall) and weekly meetings in November 

  • Be available during the tour week 


Monthly Time Commitment (Jun-Oct): 1-2 hours

Weekly Time Commitment (1st-3rd week Nov): 2-3 hours

Weekly Time Commitment (Nov 28th-Dec 5th): 4-10 hours

Sponsorship Recruitment Team

June-Late Fall 2021 Commitment

What we are looking for

  • Do you enjoy connecting people to a worthy
    community cause? 

  • Do you have fundraising and/or sponsorship
    solicitation experience?

  • Do you have contacts in the Longmont community? 

What you would do?

  • Promote sponsor opportunities to people you know 

  • Make warm introductions to people you know

  • Help facilitate communications with sponsors 

  • Attend a training meeting and bi-monthly meetings leading up to event

Weekly Time Commitment (Jun-Sept): 1-4 hours 

Weekly Time Commitment (Oct-Nov): 1-2 hours 

Sponsor Recruitment Team (1).png

You are the holiday stocking, giving folks the opportunity to be featured "prominently" throughout the event!

Volunteer Decorators

November - December 5th, 2021 Commitment 

What we are looking for

  • Do you have an eye for detail? 

  • Do you enjoy organization and making things
    look spectacular? 

  • Are you able to help execute the vision of the
    Decorator Team Lead? 

What you would do?

  • Assist the vendors in decorating the tour homes 

  • Help decorate / set-up VIP party at ReStore 

  • Promote the event among your contacts

  • Be available during the tour week (Nov 28th-Dec 5th)

Weekly Time Commitment (1st-3rd week November): 1-2 hours 

Weekly Time Commitment (Nov 28-Dec 5): 2-10 hours  

Decorator Team.png

You are the holiday ornament, making the homes look warm, beautiful, and inviting. 

Event Volunteers

Mid November-December 5, 2021 Commitment

What we are looking for

  • Do you enjoy the behind-the-scenes details that
    an event happen? 

  • Are you able to take directions and respond quickly
    to needs of others?  

  • Are you a team player with a willingness to be flexible? 

What you would do?

  • Assist with event logistics 

  • Help with set-up and clean-up of home tour locations and VIP party

  • Take tickets, greet guests, and hand out programs 

  • Direct guests for parking, restrooms, pay stations, etc. 

  • Know the layout and details of your assigned tour home to maximize sales and ensure traffic flow 

  • Attend training meetings in mid-to-late November 

Training Time Commitment (mid November): 1-2 hours 

Weekly Time Commitment (Nov 28-Dec 5): 2-10 hours 

Event Volunteer (2).png

You are the holiday mittens, giving us a helping hand to ensure a spectacular event!

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