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Your Gift of Home Tour tickets, purchases and donations benefit Longmont Meals on Wheels.

What do you want to know about us?

Longmont Meals on Wheels served 122,796 meals in Longmont, Niwot, Hygiene and Lyons in 2018.


80% of our meals were served in our clients' homes. The rest were served at the Longmont Senior Center. 


We use volunteers to help cook, serve and deliver meals.

We charge our clients based on a sliding scale


Longmont Meals on Wheels is more than a meal! We help clients stay in their homes. When our volunteer drivers deliver a meal, they also check on our clients. Volunteers ask how clients are doing, and they look for anything that seems different from the norm. Every day Meals on Wheels' staff receive at least one concerning report back from a volunteer. All concerns are followed up with the client, with client's family or with emergency services. Thankfully most situations turn out to be okay, though there are times when our volunteers are the first to know when something is wrong. Some of our clients don't need regular help with meals, but family would like them to be checked on while they are at work. 84% of our clients say this daily wellness check is important to them.

So, who are our clients?

Our homebound clients are seniors, people with disabilities and anyone (yes, anyone!) returning from a hospital visit or outpatient treatment who needs help with meals. 


There are many reasons why a client needs help with food. Some can't afford food. In fact, 72% of our clients fall below the national poverty line of $12,140 a year. Some can't cook for themselves anymore. Some are confused by medical dietary restrictions. Some are on medications that interfere with hunger sensations and so do not feel like cooking. Some have lost their spouse who was the primary cook.


Clients who join us at the Longmont Senior Center are 55 and older (and their guests).


Project Homecoming: Clients, of any age or other demographic, who return from the hospital or care facility to their home in Longmont can receive 5 free meals, delivered by a volunteer. 

Why does it matter?

The number of seniors in Colorado who struggle to afford food continues to rise. It is now more than 1 in 10 seniors. This speaks nothing of seniors and people with disabilities who struggle to get food due to other problems.


Seniors, without access to proper nutrition, have an increased risk of heart attack, asthma, heart failure, and experience greater limitations in daily-living activities.


Seniors experiencing chronic loneliness have more problems with daily-living tasks, more depression symptoms and increased numbers of doctors' visits. 


Financially, the average cost of essential services to support independent living, if this option is still safe, is more than half the cost of nursing-care facilities.


BUT with Longmont Meals on Wheels, clients say...


82% of our clients report that at least one factor of daily living has improved, whether it is stress level, energy, social interactions, or their ability to keep appointments.


Almost 2/3 of our clients report that their health has improved.


74% of our clients eat more fruits and vegetables.


99% of our clients enjoy their visits from our volunteers.


96% of our clients feel that Longmont Meals on Wheels contributes to their ability to remain living independently

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303 Atwood, Longmont, CO 80501