Volunteer Positions

2022 Volunteer Positions

Habitat is actively recruiting for the following volunteer positions for the Longmont Gift of Home Tour. Volunteers play a critical role in planning, coordinating, and executing a successful tour weekend! Help make this event a memorable experience 

Tour Home Committee 

June-December 5, 2022 Commitment

Planning Committee.png

You are the holiday bow that ties everything together. Your part is critical to managing the flow of the event and guaranteeing the guests have a fabulous time!

Time Commitments 

Monthly (Jun-Oct):

1-2 hours

Weekly (1st-3rd week Nov):

2-3 hours

Week Of (Nov 28th-Dec 3rd):

8-10 hours

*Commitment times will vary based on number of individuals on each committee. 

What we are looking for

  • Do you love connecting folks to your passion for Habitat? 

  • Do you have event planning and/or decorating experience?

  • Do you enjoy the little details that make an event memorable?

What you would do?

NEW IN 2022!! Each tour home will have its own mini planning committee. Members will coordinate details for their assigned home, with the guidance and direction of Habitat staff and the vendor, to make the tour experience memorable for our guests. Each committee will be responsible for different tasks at their assigned home.


The following list includes examples of tasks needed: 

  • Planning: working with vendor on overall theme, determining home logistics and assessing home needs, deciding on little "extras" (niceties) for the home, etc. 

  • Communication: between vendor, homeowner, sponsor, & Habitat  

  • Promotion/Advertising: sharing tour information, promoting ticket sales (once available), taking photos during event to give Habitat ample coverage (smartphones are acceptable) 

  • Decorating: assisting the vendor with decorating the tour home before the event

  • Volunteers: helping recruit volunteers, providing mini "training/home orientations" when new volunteer shifts arrive, etc.  

  • Greeting: Greeting guests and assisting the vendor with guest questions and needs 

  • Set-up/clean-up: helping "open" the home before and "close" the home after the tour, directing volunteers for spot-cleaning, assisting with vendor closing on final day/customer pick-up, etc. 

All marketing/advertising materials and volunteer training materials will be provided by Habitat. You will receive ample training and guidance from Habitat staff and the event company. Tasks/needs may vary from home to home, committee to committee. 

Inclusion Committee

August-December Commitment

What we are looking for

  • Are you interested in making the event more inclusive?

  • Do you have experience with disability accommodations?

  • Do you have a bi-cultural background and/or speak more than one language?

What you would do?

Sponsor Recruitment Team (1).png

You are the holiday stocking, making sure our event
rocks for people of all different backgrounds.

Time Commitments

Training Session: 1.5 hours (Aug/Sept) 

Monthly (Sept-Nov): 1-2 hours 

  • Make the 3-day tour inclusive and representative of our city

  • Create tactics/set goals to reach the LatinX community

  • Brainstorm ideas/tactics for making the tour more accessible for folks with mobility issues, blindness, Deafness, etc.

Other Considerations: 

  • LGBTQ+ communities 

  • Other communities of color

  • Mental health awareness (making a mental health friendly event) 

  • Ways to include other communities in our service area, including Carbon Valley and Estes Park 

Goals and tactics should incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion through marketing, sponsorships, ticket sales, volunteer shifts, guest relations, etc.

Decorator Team.png

You are the holiday ornament, making the homes look warm, beautiful, and inviting. 

Time Committment

Weekly (1st OR 2nd week in November): 1- 45-min virtual training session

Weekly (Nov 28-Dec 1) 

3-5 hours 

Volunteer Decorators

November 28th- December 1, 2022 Commitment 

What we are looking for

  • Do you have an eye for detail? 

  • Do you enjoy organization and making things look spectacular? 

  • Are you able to help execute the vision of the Team Lead? 

What you would do?

  • Assist the vendors in decorating the tour homes 

  • Prep the home for the tour dates 

  • Share photos of the completed decorations with Habitat before the start of tour (smartphone photos are acceptable)

  • Be flexible & available during the tour week (Nov 28th-Dec 1st)

Event Volunteer (2).png

You are the holiday mittens, giving us a helping hand to ensure a spectacular event!

Time Commitment


Mid November (date TBD)

1 hour 

Week of (Dec 1-3): 

3-6 hours

Event Volunteers

December 1-3, 2021 Commitment

What we are looking for

  • Do you enjoy the behind-the-scenes details that make for a successful event?

  • Are you able to take directions and respond quickly to needs?

  • Are you a team player with a willingness to be flexible? 

What you would do?

  • Assist with event logistics 

  • Help with set-up and clean-up of home tour locations 

  • Greet guests, hand out programs, assist with traffic flow

  • Direct guests for parking, restrooms, pay stations, etc. 

  • Know the layout and details of your assigned tour home to maximize sales and ensure traffic flow 

  • Attend a virtual training meeting in mid-November 

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